6 Horrifying Online Dating Profiles

It’s takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and create a dating profile online with the intention of finding someone you’re compatible with. However, it seems that some people have forgotten the purpose of their profile. Their online presence is just all wrong, likely attracting the attention of more meme creators and catfish than actual matches. These horrifying dating profiles will have you wondering, what were they thinking?

1. The Bank Account Screenshot

This tactic is more common than you’d think among men, leading with their money rather than their personality. If you’re only looking to attract materialistic women willing to put out for a new Prada purse or some Louboutin pumps, then this is surely the way to do it. Wouldn’t it be cheaper, however, to just hire an escort? Adding a photo like this will prevent matches from seeing you as anything more than their personal ATM. Best to stick to a few nice headshots instead.