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Creating a profile that really stands out

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While most online dating sites give their members free reign when it comes to introducing themselves, it’s important to remember just how many profiles yours will be joining; indeed, many of the top sites boast millions of members. How do you ensure that your profile is seen among the crowds of other dating hopefuls? By following this advice, of course…

Choose the right photo

We are visual creatures by nature, and the right profile picture is vital if you want to attract the attention of your soul mate. While headlines, descriptions, and personal details can become lost in a sea of words and symbols on that search page, your profile picture will be the first thing that anyone notices about you; make it a good one. Most people seem to agree that the best profile pictures are solitary, rather than being group shots, and that smiles are far more approachable than pouts and distant gazes. Natural pictures tend to win over heavily made-up or photo-shopped images, and always ask someone else to capture your best side rather than taking a selfie.

Create a head-turning headline

Your profile’s tagline, or headline, is your chance to grab the attention of fellow daters, and to encourage them to delve deeper into your personal history. Rather than summing yourself up in as few words as possible, leave a dangling carrot of adjectives, or a witty anecdote to whet the appetites of those who may be passing by. Well, you need something to talk about in that first message, after all.

Engage with matches via your hobbies

If you’d really like to engage fellow online daters and encourage them to contact you make sure you list social hobbies among your favourite activities; you may enjoy reading, solitary walks on the beach, and playing on your computer, but how do these kinds of activities involve others? Potential matches are likely to be swayed if you’re involved in team sports, or actively pursue interests that can be enjoyed together. Budding partners will want to see the potential for a relationship, and for shared moments. What could be better than using your hobbies to engage attention?

Keep your profile up to date

Updating your profile at regular intervals is a great way to keep online dating fresh and fun, and to ensure that as many people see your profile as possible. Now, we’re not suggesting that you overhaul your personality, hobbies, and interests every few weeks; it’s often a good idea to rotate your profile picture, choose a new headline, and alter your favourite quotes to make sure that those who may have overlooked your profile the first time round are engaged and inspired to contact you.

Stay short and sweet

You might have a lot that you’d like to say about yourself, but who’s going to read paragraph after paragraph about your hobbies, the places you’ve been to, and your hopes and dreams for the future? When the right person does come along they’ll no doubt want to hear all of those things, but for now keep it light, friendly, and as short as you’re able to.

Exude confidence

You’ll know by now that it’s not always what you say, but how you say it that matters; fellow daters are often more concerned about your tone of voice than the contents of your profile. So, are you making the right first impression? Words like ‘hope’ and ‘could’ are to be avoided; sure, you could be the wo/man of this person’s dreams, but wouldn’t it be nicer to exert a little confidence and assume that you are? You might be hoping to meet the right person, but shouldn’t you get out there and start looking rather than waiting for them to turn up?

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