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Four reasons you should try online dating


Is there any particular reason you’ve not given online dating a try yet? If you find it difficult meeting people and making conversation, or simply never have the time to get out and about, online dating could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. You’ve no doubt seen the adverts, but allow us to share just four of the reasons you should be signing up today…

1. You’ll meet more people in a shorter space of time

Imagine how often you’d need to force yourself into social situations in order to meet potential dates in the real world; you could head out each evening, spend all morning in the gym, and peruse your workplace for singletons at every given chance, and still not match the number of people you’d be able to connect with via online dating. Internet dating is a great way to meet people from all walks of life, including those you’d never normally introduce yourself to. From the moment you create your profile you’ve a veritable treasure trove of potential partners in the cyber space before you; go on, dive right in.

2. Be who you want to be, within reason!

Online dating allows people to emphasise their good points, and hide their embarrassing traits until they feel comfortable enough to share them. Unlike friends, work colleagues, and previous flames, who know your bad habits and quirks rather intimately, the matches you make online will only know as much as you’ve told them – or what they’ve read as part of your profile. The anonymity of online dating is a real benefit for anyone wanting to be cautious, and enables daters to get to know others in their own time.

3. Browse potential matches without showing your hand

The anonymity of online dating works in other ways, of course. It will allow you to browse profiles, gaze at images, and search for your perfect match without having to make eye contact or awkward conversation in the corner of a darkened room. Although some sites, including Tinder, will let a person know when you’ve ‘liked’ their profiles, many others will let you look before you make contact. There’s absolutely no obligation to meet anyone face to face, and if a conversation doesn’t go the way you want you can walk away without having to buy anyone a drink.

4. Indulge your fussier side

You’d be surprised what you can find online. Actually, you probably wouldn’t be; but that’s beside the point… whatever you’re into, there’s a dedicated online dating site that will tickle your fancy, making it much easier to meet the kind of person you’re looking for. Whether you want a man in uniform, a woman who’s into science fiction, or a person of a particular orientation, there’s a site for that. Even general dating sites offer advanced search functions, so you can choose the kind of person you’d like to meet. Is your ideal partner a particular height? Do they enjoy certain pastimes? Online dating will allow you to bypass the many thousands of ‘definitely nots’ in search of The One.

Have we convinced you to try online dating yet? If so, allow us to guide you through the minefield that is choosing the right site for you; it’s more complicated than you might think!

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