Just for fun: Is your love written in the stars?

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Astrology is a little like marmite; while some follow their daily horoscopes as they do the weather forecast, others couldn’t tell you what star sign they are, or which element they’re aligned with. All online dating profiles require a date of birth, but some will go one step further and ask for a star sign too. With that in mind, take a look at the profiles below and see if you can spot your ideal match. It maybe a person you’ve already met, or someone who’s still out there…


The typical Aquarius is independent, caring, intellectual, and open-minded, with one finger firmly on the pulse at all times. They can tend to run from emotional expression, and appear aloof, which makes them a difficult book to read.


Pisceans are compassionate, artistic, spiritual and kind, and can often wear their hearts upon their sleeves. They can sometimes be a little too trusting, in fact, but have an innate desire to escape reality and experience romance.


Those born under Aries are determined, confident, and optimistic, and often enjoy sporting challenges and anything they can get really passionate about. Their zest for life can make Aries impatient and impulsive, but they’re always fun to be around.


The typical Taurus is practical, patient, and responsible; a grounded and reliable match for anyone with flightier tendencies. They can be stubborn and uncompromising, due to a fear of change and complications to their plans. Win them around with a little romance.


The twin sign, Gemini is affectionate, inquisitive, keen to share their ideas, and quick to learn. They can be indecisive for fear of making mistakes, and this desire to please can leave them nervous. Gemini hates being alone, but will always enjoy a passionate discussion.


Those born under Cancer are fiercely loyal, emotional, and persuasive, and they enjoy using their imagination to tackle almost any problem. They can be moody and err towards the side of pessimism, which makes them hard to tame. The typical Cancer always has time for friends.


Leos can be cheerful, funny, and passionate about life, as well as demonstrating a creative streak. Sometimes slow to get going, and a little bit stubborn, Leos hate being ignored; have you messaged yours back recently? A natural-born leader, Leo is difficult to resist.


Virgos are practical thinkers, always loyal, and often analytical. They don’t like rudeness or having to rely upon anyone else, which can make them appear stubborn. The typical Virgo is a hard worker, who may hide behind a persona until they’re ready to open up to you.


The typical Libra is warm and social, quick to cooperate, and always fair. They’ll often avoid confrontations and take their time making decisions, but will stand up for what they believe in; justice, non-conformity, and peace.


Those born under Scorpio are passionate, stubborn, and inventive, and they’ll always keep a secret. Typical Scorpios take their time to trust, and their ability to keep secrets can make them appear guarded. Win Scorpios over with facts, and by telling them that they’re right.


When you come across a Sagittarius you’ll instantly notice their great sense of humour, idealistic nature, and generosity; they can sometimes promise more than they’re able to deliver, though never purposefully. Sagittarius has no filter, and can sometimes speak without thinking. They love travel, and can often be found outdoors.


Capricorns embrace family, tradition, and the arts. They are responsible, and display great self-control, although this can make them appear unforgiving at times. Capricorns make great leaders, and are fiercely independent. Engage Capricorn with talk of music, and try and ignore that loveable stubbornness.

Please remember that birthdate isn’t everything, and that compatibility should be judged against a whole host of factors – least of all whether your signs align on a Wednesday. That said, there are those who follow horoscopes keenly; it won’t ever hurt to keen an open mind!

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