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Lost for words? How to use quotes in your dating profile


We’ve covered the subject of writer’s block elsewhere on this site, but what happens when you know what you’d like to say and the words just won’t come to you? Perhaps you’d like to convey a certain personality trait, or explain a particular hobby, but everything you’ve written so far sounds conceited, and, well, forced. Writing a dating profile is difficult as it is, without then second-guessing everything you’ve written and how you’ve said it. We’re here to help with a suggestion you may not have considered; using a quote, or series of quotes, to highlight your favourite things about yourself. When the words just won’t come, try using a few that are already out there…

When to use quotes as part of your profile

Using song lyrics, literary quotes, and lines from a favourite film can be a great way to reveal a little more about your personality, likes, and hobbies, as well as engaging similarly minded singletons who share your passions. With a quote you can instantly convey that you’re funny, quirky, introverted, or philosophical, and that you like a particular fandom – without sounding like you’re trying too hard. Rather than being blunt to the point of boring, use a quote to illustrate a point you’re making; it will help your profile to stand out from the crowd. An especially learned or amusing quote may even snare you that first date you’ve been dreaming of. Remember, though, that the tone, author, and origin of a quote will say a lot about you, even if you hadn’t intended on being so open…

There are literally hundreds of quotes that you could use as part of your profile; the world is filled with a rich tapestry of words that would be perfect for you. You may have a favourite quote already, of course. Do you have a motto that you live by? Is there a quote that accompanies your favourite moment in cinematic history? While using an obscure quote will make your profile stand out, you do also run the risk of alienating a large proportion of your potential matches if it’s too unfamiliar. That said, the right quote can ‘wow’ the one special person you’ve been hoping to meet. Finding out that someone else has seen that B movie, or likes that old 80s rock band could be the icing on the cake of your fledgling relationship. Think carefully before using a quote in your profile; what will that one line say about you and your hopes for a romantic future?

When it’s not okay to use a quote…

Don’t ever be tempted to use quotes as a veil to hide behind; quotes should be used to emphasise a point, rather than making it for you. Use quotes to convey a sense of humour by all means, but don’t pepper your profile with jokes that will distract from the point you were trying to make. Everyone likes a laugh now and then, but you may find your profile is repeatedly overlooked if potential matches assume you don’t know how to be serious. As a general rule of thumb, use one quote per section – if you need to use that many, that is.

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