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Online dating etiquette: The unwritten rules you really should be following

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Sure, we’ve covered the dos and don’ts of online dating, but did you know that there are certain sets of unwritten rules, or suggested ways of behaving, that daters should adhere to as well? Okay, so daters don’t have to follow such rules, but you’d be recommended to at least try such tips if you’d like your forays into online dating to be a success. Are you ready to learn more?

Be yourself

When online dating you’re chatting to someone you’ve never met before, who doesn’t know you from the proverbial Adam. What’s to stop you bending the truth, or making outlandish statements? Before you starting adding 0s to your salary, or destinations to your travel list, ask yourself this; is this really how you want to start a relationship? Whether you’re insecure about your quirks or keen to impress, there’s really only one person you should be – yourself. Besides, what are you going to do when fellow daters finally meet you and realise you’re not all you made yourself out to be?

Don’t play hard to get

Playing hard to get may have worked ‘back in the day’, but very few modern daters have time for the chase; there’s a fine line between coy and just not interested, after all. Playing hard to get has the disadvantage of making you appear shy and retiring, or downright rude, when that may not be the case at all. How many relationships have failed to get off the ground because of one person’s apparent reluctance, and the other’s (false) assumption that they’re dealing with a true introvert? If you’re looking for a partner, assert that desire.

Similarly, don’t keep your relationship online

It can be tempting to keep things polite, and to skirt around the issues of a physical meeting for as long as possible. Well, you don’t want to appear too keen – do you? However, there’s only so much that you can discuss without having had a face-to-face encounter. Don’t keep your date hanging on too long. Many experts recommend a maximum of half a dozen messages, combined, before you take things offline. If the other person seems reluctant to meet up it might be worth querying their feelings for you. Is it worth taking this encounter any further?

If you’re interested, let them know

This is a little like the rules of playing hard to get; if you’re interested then you need to let the other person know that they’re not wasting their time – and that you’d very much like to continue your liaisons offline as well as on. Have you had a little difficulty getting online? Are things heating up at work? Don’t be afraid to tell your new partner that your lack of communication is down to a hectic schedule. It’s better than them assuming you’re flakey, or disinterested.

The online dating game may seem like a complex one full of rules, etiquette, and expectations, but it’s one that you’ll learn to navigate with very little difficulty; as long as you’re having fun and interacting with others, and feel as those your time is being spent wisely, there’s very little to remember at all.

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