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What to do when online dating’s not working

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Whether your first date was a flop, your messages are going unanswered, or you’ve been unable to connect with any likely matches, there may come a moment when you realise that your quest for love is running anything but smoothly. While it would be very easy to admit defeat and resign yourself to life alone, it’s important to remember that online dating rarely promises miracles; merely a different approach to the dating game. If you’ve found yourself in this position read on, as we could help you to turn this thing around…

Don’t beat yourself up about it

It’s difficult, we know, but try not to take an absence of love to heart. It’s tempting to admit defeat at the earliest opportunity; why should you bother looking when your efforts to find love are getting you nowhere? However, this kind of attitude is incredibly unhelpful – to say the least. Rather than wallowing in a pit of despair ask yourself what you could be doing to change your run of bad of luck. Have you been too eager, or do you shy away from contact? Does your profile picture really show your best side? Use your time constructively, and you could notice a big difference in your fortunes…

Re-evaluate your profile

Speaking of which, it might be time to update your profile. We often write our dating profiles in haste, perhaps thrown off guard by the questions we’re asked as soon as we sign up to any one particular site. If you’re struggling to meet people take a long, hard look at your dating profile. Does it represent your best qualities, or highlight your flaws? Were you truthful, or did you panic and answer questions with mistruths and downright lies? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with updating your profile, particularly if the change is likely to alter your chances with potential partners on the site. Learn from your mistakes, and create the profile you should have written in the first place.

Analyse your attitude

How are you approaching online dating? Are you a closed book that prefers to let potential matches come to you, or are you more inclined to send repeated messages to people until they respond, or block you? The attitude we maintain when online dating can go a long way towards affecting the kinds of responses we get. Regardless of how chatty, or aloof, your messages are, it’s often relatively easy to spot those sitting behind their keyboards with crossed arms, and those who are so keen to be seen that they check their phones every few minutes. However skeptical you may feel, try and approach the concept with an open mind; you never know how online dating might surprise you.

Is this the right site for you?

Of course, your lack of success may not be attributed to any of these factors; you could just be on the wrong dating site. While most dating sites will promise to help you find love, they’re all incredibly different when it comes to their approach, their members, and the algorithms. If you’re struggling to make connections it could be that you’re looking for love in all the wrong places – quite literally. Take a peek at our guide to online dating sites to find one that may be more suitable.

Above all, look after yourself. Online dating is supposed to be fun and informal; as soon as it ceases to be fun you may wish to take a step back and think about whether you’d like to continue or not.

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