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Overcoming writer’s block to create your perfect profile


So, you’ve decided which dating site to use, chosen a picture that’s the perfect combination of sophistication and eccentricity, and highlighted the qualities you’d like to find in a mate. Congratulations, you’re almost ready to dive into the world of online dating! However, there’s still one final obstacle standing between you and the love of your life; your profile. Writing a profile can be incredibly daunting, particularly if you’ve been out of the dating game for a while. After all, your romantic future is depending upon a tiny image and a few lines of carefully chosen text; is it any wonder you’ve been sat at your computer for an hour?

Discard any doubts and read on, as we attempt to cure your writer’s block.

Stick with what you know

Don’t ever use your dating profile as a means for creating an idealised persona; be true to yourself, and stick with what you know. It can be tempting to pepper your profile with mistruths and downright lies, but trust us when we say that these things are usually rumbled pretty quickly. Do you want to attract a potential partner on the basis of a lie? Can you imagine having to keep up a pretense during a first date and beyond? Lies, however innocent, are rarely worth it, so embrace who you are.

Be original

There’s nothing more frustrating than browsing through profile after profile only to read the same phrases, taglines, and quotes over and over again; so you’re bubbly, outgoing, fun, and sensitive, but have you really sold your individuality? The trouble with dating profiles is that so many of us are tempted to stay safe, and to copy and paste buzzwords we’ve seen elsewhere. That doesn’t really help us to stand out, though, does it? Throw caution to the wind and create a profile that sells you, rather than the person you think others are looking for. You’ll want your profile to stand out, after all.

Phone a friend

If you’ve run out of adjectives and are still struggling to describe yourself in fifty words or less, turn to those that know you best; your friends. What would your best friend say your most endearing quality is? How would your drinking buddies describe your ideal date? Your friends are likely to know your deepest desires, your hopes, and your fears, and will have a good idea of the partner you’d choose for yourself – and the mate they’d most approve of. It’s much easier to create a dating profile when you’ve not got the pressure of eternal loneliness hanging over your head, so approach your friends for help. You may be pleasantly surprised by what they come up with.

Keep it short

Your dating profile doesn’t have to be an official biography, or even a first chapter. It’s an introduction to who you are and what makes you tick. While it’s certainly helpful for your potential dates to be able to pick out conversation starters, turn-offs, and turn-ons, your profile should also leave a little to the imagination. What are you going to talk about during your first meeting if your profile is an open book? Remember, too, that very few people are going to continue reading beyond a second paragraph. Do yourself a favour and keep things short and sweet.

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