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Is he or she really that into you? Body language to look out for on a first date

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We’ve taken a step back from discussing your dating profile for a moment in order to think about that all important first date; well, isn’t that what every dating profile is created with the intention of experiencing? You’ve organised a dating destination, calmed your nerves for long enough to remember to turn up, and memorised his or her profile so that you’re able to make several successful attempts at conversation. So, what now? Body language experts will tell you that it’s relatively easy to guess how your date is going without actually asking the other person; from subtle hair flicks and sideways glances, to gentle touches and obvious embarrassment, here are the signs that a second date could be looming…

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

If your date has started mimicking your body language, including gestures and posture, they could be trying to establish a connection with you. You’ll also want to listen carefully, as imitation can extend to tone of voice and pace.

Sideways glances and sweeping gazes

When we’re really into someone we’ll stop at nothing to look at him or her; but of course, we don’t want them to know that! Sly looks, and sweeping gazes, which involve surveying the room just to take a look at that one person, are common on first dates – particularly when they’re going well.

Positive body language

Is your date sat as far away from you as physically possible, or is she sat with her body angled towards yours? Could you be actual poles apart, or are his feet in line with yours? Positive body language such as this is a great indicator that your date likes you; they’re trying to get closer, after all.

Subtle touches

If your date is finding any old excuse to make physical contact with you, you can be reassured that they’re probably not repulsed by you. Common forms of ‘accidental’ contact include a brushed hand, walking a little too closely to you when they get up, and touching feet or legs together under the table.

Easily pleased

Not technically body language, but agreement is a character trait to look out for during a first date; is your partner laughing at all of your jokes, agreeing with everything you say, and latching onto the things you like? Agreement, and laughter are often signs that your date is attempting to appeal to you, so take the hint.

Fidgeting and flushing

Finally, look out for blushing and fidgeting; experiencing a first date with someone we’re attracted to can make us nervous, and so we’re prone to involuntary fidgeting, blushing, nervous laughter, and sweaty palms. We can’t help it, but such signs may enable you to translate your date’s reactions.

You’ll notice we’ve left ‘eye contact’ from this list. How often have you been so conscious of making eye contact with a potential partner that you’ve actually found any excuse not to look at them? Eye contact is a huge deal for many people; while some may feel uncomfortable looking others in the eye, others make that extra effort to eyeball. Body language experts can’t seem to agree which is the surer sign of lust, so be cautious to read too much into that intense stare; it could mean love is on the cards, or that you’ve a piece of food between your teeth…

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