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The Busy Man’s Guide to Dating Online


We’re all busy. You might be out there hustling in your career while at the same time trying to get that summer bod, and still try to get your dating life handled. You need something that will take the least amount of time. And bring you the most results so here’s the guide for the busy man looking to level up his online dating game!

The profile

Your profile picture is the very first thing that’s seen and often the determine factor to whether you get a match or not which means that you have to make that first picture the best picture you possibly can. You also want to show enough pictures to display the full scope of your personality.

The optimised profile

  • Clear picture of face and body
  • Group picture
  • Picture of hobbies (the more unique, the better)
  • Killer bio that shows your personality and humor
  • Bonus: pictures of dogs get better results and so do professionally taken pictures

The streamline system

Once you’ve optimized your profile and made sure you raise your chances of matches, you have to develop a system that can be repeated effortlessly. This will allow you to streamline the process from first message to setting up the date and then to the date itself. 

The first message

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to read every bio and take time to make the world’s best first message. At the same time, you don’t want to send a typical “hey” or a predictable “you’re beautiful.” Come up with something short and interesting and use this to send to your next match! 

Straight to the point

You don’t have time to get to know the girl’s life story. The point of messaging her is to get her offline and meeting you in person and not to become virtual pen pals. The way to achieve this is to build enough rapport to create comfort and then go for the date. 

The perfect place

Before anything, you’re going to want to find a bar, coffee shop, or lounge near you that you can use for dates. This will be relatively easy considering that there are sites like Yelp that can make this choice so much easier. The reason for this is to find a place that will require low investment for you and the girl. If the date ends up being a carwreck, you can easily just put it to an end because all you’ve bought is a coffee and committed about 30 minutes of your day. Everyone can find 30 minutes in their day. You don’t have to waste money or be tied down for an hour or two at a fancy restaurant. You’ll find that this will give you much more control over your time and money. 

The date

Now that you’ve figured out where you can squeeze in 30 minutes, confirm the date and make sure to send a quick text on the day of. It doesn’t have to be a direct reminder that may come off as pushy. It can be as simple as a random funny text but what it will do is be a reminder of the commitment she made for that day. No one likes getting flaked on and this will completely eliminate that. 

On the date, you have two choices. You can leave after 20 minutes because there’s was absolutely no chemistry and no real connection, and by doing so, saving both parties time. You also have the option to stay because you actually really like this girl and you found out that she was also born in the same hometown as you and she also had a dog who was her best friend. You’ll even be thinking about a second date!

There you have it, the effective guide to making the most of your time from first message to first date. Now, go out there and put this into action!

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