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Using humour in your dating profile

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A good sense of humour, or GSOH, is pretty important when it comes to online dating; after your third rejection, an unwelcome message from an utter creep, or the appearance of an ex, you’ll come to learn that laughter really is the best antidote to the many dating scenarios you’re likely to encounter at one time or another. However, did you know that humour can also be used to bolster your profile, and actually get you noticed? Indeed, some of the most popular dating profiles are those that use sparkling wit and one-liners within their opening paragraph. Admit it; you’re more than a little intrigued now…

So what is it about humour that we find so attractive? Regardless of how downhearted you might be feeling, laughter is a fantastic mood booster – go on, try it. What’s more, jokes are an instant icebreaker; dating profiles that use humour are likely to reassure us, and encourage us to be more open. Awkwardness? What awkwardness? Our mood is a crucial factor when it comes to the question of attractiveness. Find that special someone who can make you laugh from the get-go, and you’re likely to be able to overlook a host of flaws that may otherwise have put you off. Far from putting people off, a little light humour can go a long way towards attracting your perfect date – and we’re going to tell you how to put your showstopper together.

Choose a strong start

Your fellow daters will have stared at hundreds of profiles since registering, so it’s important to choose a headline or tagline that really stands out from the crowd. Eschew clichés and tired chat up lines by opting for something cool, crisp, and witty instead. If you’re feeling confident try, “Let’s just lie and say we met in a bar”, “Mrs. Right here. Were you looking for me?”, or “Guaranteed upgrade from your ex” on for size.

Show, don’t tell

It’s not enough to tell potential matches that you’re funny, or that your sense of humour is what your friends love most about you; you’re going to need to show your fellow daters just what they’ll be missing out on if they pass up a date with you. Remember what we said about humour influencing positive moods and favourable judgment? Use humour to describe your quest for love so far, or to paint a picture of your personality; funny anecdotes will intrigue would-be matches, and inspire them to swipe in your direction…

Avoid controversial humour

You might find political, religious, or racially motivated jokes amusing, but they won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. In fact, you’re likely to alienate a large proportion of your would-be matches if you’re tempted to use misjudged, or ill-timed so-called humour. Similarly, laddish banter and slapstick comedy may be amusing to some, but to others they’re crass and forgettable. In order to use humour effectively you must decide what kind of person you’re looking to attract, and the impression you’d like your profile to give.

Above all, use humour wisely, and sparingly. You don’t want your dating profile to be filled with so many gags that it’s impossible for potential matches to take you seriously – and nor would you want to prevent people from getting a glimpse at the real you. Use humour to emphasise your best qualities rather than hiding behind joke after joke, and ensure your profile comes across as genuinely amusing rather than pun-tastic. Oh, and if you really can’t do humourous it might be best not to try; there’s nothing remotely attractive about a series of bad jokes.

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