Matching personality types in your quest for love

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We’d like to stress that this article is just for fun; when it comes to finding love online the only things that matter are chemistry and shared interests, rather than whether you fit into a particular box. However, many dating sites do suggest that you mention the results of a Myers-Briggs personality test in an effort to pair you with the best possible match. Do you know what category you best fit inside?

Here is a summary of each personality type, alongside your perfect date.

The Designer, ENTP

If you’re outspoken, resourceful, strategic, and curious, you could be a designer. Designers value inspiration and enjoy challenges, and they’re adept at reading people.

Your ideal date: Discovering a new activity together.

The Intellectual, INTJ

If you’re focused, independent, logical, and insightful, you may be an intellectual. Intellectuals are driven by their own ideas, and by the need to achieve goals.

Your idea date: An intellectual activity, such as a board or trivia game.

The Director, ENTJ

As you’d expect directors are born leaders, and are frank, decisive, and problem-solvers. Outgoing and ambitious, directors enjoy organising things, and expanding their knowledge.

Your ideal date: An outdoor activity, such as climbing or paintballing.

The Deviser, INTP

Those that are reserved, logical, attentive and precise are devisers. Devisers are original thinkers who enjoy creative projects and intellectual challenges, as well as planning ahead.

Your ideal date: Playing strategy games, such as chess.

The Auditor, ISTJ

If you’re quiet, realistic, and practical, and you enjoy schedules and order, you’re an auditor. Auditors are hard working and respectful, and will always be loyal with their partners.

Your ideal date: Challenging mind or body, with chess

The Defender, ISFJ

If you’re friendly, conscientious, gentle, and pragmatic, you’re likely to be a defender. Defenders enjoy taking care of others, and will always seek out meaningful bonds with others.

Your ideal date: Whatever the other person would like to do.

The Manager, ESTJ

Managers are practical, realistic, efficient, and outgoing. If you’re a manager you prefer to run the show, and prefer routine to being spontaneous.

Your ideal date: Something creative, such as a film festival, comedy club, or trip to the theatre.

The Contributor, ESFJ

The contributor is warm, cooperative, reliable, and friendly. If you fall into this category you’ll work hard at being helpful, enjoy being loyal, and operate best as part of a team.

Your ideal date: A romantic dinner, an intimate activity such as a massage, or a team pursuit.

The Entertainer, ESFP

As you’d expect, entertainers are outgoing, confident, and friendly. If you’re an entertainer, you’ll be enthusiastic, spontaneous, and flexible, happy to go along with most activities.

Your ideal date: Somewhere fun, such as a club, party, or new nightspot.

The Chameleon, ISFP

If you’re quiet, sociable, and sensitive, you’re a chameleon. Chameleons enjoy creative personal environments for themselves and others, but will always hang onto their freedom.

Your ideal date: Something unique and fresh, such as shopping or exploring a new hotspot.

The Showman – or woman! ESTP

The show person is spontaneous and active, a thrill-seeker who thrives on socialising and being around other people. If this is you, you’re skillful and curious – and always reliable.

Your ideal date: An opportunity to show off, such as a nightclub, bar, or new restaurant.

The Innovator, ISTP

If you’re masterful, resourceful, action-orientated, and logical, you’re an innovator. Innovators enjoy adventures, and will always seek out a thrill if they’re able to.

Your ideal date: Visiting a theme park, or taking part in a thrilling sport such as skydiving.

The Advocator, ENFP

Advocators are enthusiastic and imaginative, filled with the belief that life is an opportunity waiting to happen. Spontaneous and optimistic, you’ll want to start new projects and help others.

Your ideal date: Anything goes, including quiz nights, dinner, or dancing.

The Confidant, INFJ

If you’re looking for that special someone you’re a confidant. This personality type is goal-orientated, committed to values, and dependable, and will always enjoy harmony and cooperation.

Your ideal date: An intimate dinner where conversation flows.

The Educator, ENFJ

If you’re warm, empathetic, emotional, and diplomatic, you’re an educator. The educator is good at meeting people and engaging them in discussion, as well as organising team activities.

Your ideal date: An outgoing evening of karaoke, or a trip to a charity event.

The Helper, INFP

The helper is calm, curious, and full of ideas. You’ll be great at understanding the needs of others, and spend you time helping them to reach their full potential.

Your ideal date: A slow walk through the park with a cup of tea at the end.

You can read a little more about each personality type, plus the zodiac signs to embrace and avoid, here. If you’re curious, you can take the true Myers-Briggs test here. Remember, though, that its results are not the be all and end all of your romantic future.

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